Sempervivum arachnoideum

Common name: cobweb hen and chick
Family: Crassulaceae (Stonecrop)
Distribution: Central and Southern Europe
Hardiness: USDA Zone 5
Life form: Cactus/succulent
Occurrence in New Mexico: Exotic
Growing Conditions: The native range of the cobweb hen and chick are mountainous areas of Austria, southern Germany, Switzerland, France, and Spain. It is widely cultivated. It grows in well-drained infertile soil in full sun. It does well in gravelly soil mixes in containers and will colonize hot, dry areas in rock gardens. Allow the soil to dry between watering. After blooming and setting seeds, the plant will die, but there are usually numerous offsets. Deadheading after blooming may prolong the life of the plant. Removing rosettes that die will improve appearance and make room for new growth.
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